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1. Trivia.png

Dr Factenstein’s Trivia is a cross-generational strategic trivia show including topics like History, Movies, TV, Music, Sports, Video Games, Technology, Plants, Animals, & more. Players use a bid system to earn points, but never lose points.

Our classic Trivia experience!

2. Peer Review.png

We surveyed 100 people online & now players guess the most popular answers. Great for families as all questions are subjective & kids can offer more input than on traditional trivia nights. Players can use their phones all night as it’s impossible to find the answers to the survey!

4. Variety.png

Our Variety Trivia takes the best of our classic Trivia experience adds in some of our Peer Review show, & adds extra fun like audio & picture questions & more. Variety Trivia is the best of both worlds & then some!

3. Trivia Bingo White.png

This isn't your grandma's BINGO! Players increase their odds of winning future BINGO games by answering trivia questions between games. It takes skill to increase your luck! Players can join at any point and will never be behind.

(4 games of BINGO in 1 hour!)

Karaoke DJ White.png

We bring everything needed for attendees to belt out their favorite songs! Minimal Space needed for maximum fun. Karaoke challenges & games may also come up where players can win prizes for singing without the words, party games, & more!

Speed Dating White.png

It's hard as an adult to make new friends or make lasting connections. But Dr. Factenstein has just the elixir for you! For our Speed Friending nights, we provide some open-ended questions to get you talking with your potential new lab partner!

1. Trivia White.png
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